Meet the Staff!

Cleveland Park Library

Meet the Staff!

David Belsky, Library Technician

Photo of David Belsky at the Cleveland Park Library Circulation DeskDavid Belsky is a former library volunteer who joined the Cleveland Park Library staff after serving as a correspondence analyst and an editorial assistant in the Clinton Administration.  David thoroughly enjoys the rapport with our customers, and appreciates how they have helped him become more outgoing than he was when he began working at the Circulation Desk.

At one time, David would never have imagined having a job at the library, and he certainly never thought that he would work for the White House -- or be paid to read all day long!  He felt privileged to have such a unique perspective on the thoughts and feelings of the American public.  Thousands of pieces of correspondence passed through his hands – from a holiday card from the Dalai Lama to a letter from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. As an editorial assistant, David sat in the stunning, all cast-iron Eisenhower (Old) Executive Office Building library, writing and editing citations for Presidential Medal recipients. Surprisingly, he wound up composing a citation for a New York Times columnist who had once responded to a letter that David had written to him.

"The President Has Seen" stampFor two years, David wrote memorandums to the president. Once, the director of correspondence showed him a copy of one, stamped, "The President Has Seen," with notations from Bill Clinton written on it. After David left the White House, his brother-in-law visited the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, and was excited to see David’s handwriting on a note in one of the display cases.

Now, rather than sitting all day long reading, David stands, engaging in conversations with library patrons in the Cleveland Park Library, which he describes as "cozy."  He feels most fortunate to be a liberal arts graduate who found happiness providing public service in two jobs so different and yet both about words.

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