Kids Can Participate in DC Reads Too!

Georgetown Library

Kids Can Participate in DC Reads Too!

cover of reading lolitaDuring a four-week period in October and November, people all over the city will be enjoying Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. Although this book isn’t for children, that doesn’t mean that children can’t enjoy DC Reads as well. Azar Nafisi chronicles her experiences teaching English at a university in Iran. You too can introduce your child to the unique experiences in Middle Eastern culture with books and programs around the city.

Thousand Nights book coverA great Middle Eastern treasure to share with your child is the remarkable stories in A Thousand and One Nights, also popularly known as Arabian Nights. The library has just acquired a new version of these tales, illustrated in rich silhouettes by Jan Pienkowski.

If you’d like more of an experience, National Geographic currently has an exhibit chronicling the long history of Middle Eastern Inventions called 1001 Inventions. Learn about the Muslim inventions that predated Leonardo Da Vinci.

And last but not least is a program right here at the Georgetown Library. On Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 4 p.m., the Georgetown Children’s Room will be recognizing Middle Eastern culture with a program featuring folktales and stories based in the Middle East and centered around the mystery of the flying carpet. After stories, we’ll be constructing our own miniature flying carpets, complete with designs. Fly into Middle Eastern culture with us to celebrate DC Reads.