Story Time Reads Sept. 17-24

West End Library

Story Time Reads Sept. 17-24

Print Motivation: Includes being interested in and enjoying books.

Why is it important?
Kids who enjoy books and reading will be motivated to be read to as well as learn to read themselves.  Motivation is key because learning to read is hard work!

Kids that have negative associations with reading are less motivated to read. 

It is important we make sure our children start to read and listen to books and stories from Day One so they have a good time with reading. 

What can you do to help build this skill?
  • Have fun!
  • Read books you both like. Kids can tell when you are not enjoying yourself.
  • Stop (or shift gears) when it is no longer fun. Length of time is not important; enjoyment is!
Books we read
Toddler Story Time (drop-in)
I'm a PigPiggy Pie Po
I'm a Pig
by Sarah Weeks
Piggy Pie Po
by Audrey and Don Wood
Pigs to the RescueSpots, Feathers and Curly Tails
Pigs to the Rescue
by Jim Himmelman
Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails
by Nancy Tafuri
Pre-School Story Time (drop-in)
A Rainbow of My OwnA World of ColorsBlack All Around
A Rainbow of My Own
by Don Freeman
A World of Colors: Seeing Colors in a New Way
by Marie Houblon
Black All Around!
by Patricia Hubbell
Round TripWinter's Tale 
Round Trip
by Ann Jonas
Winter's Tale: An Original Pop-Up Journey
by Robert Sabuda
Pre-K Story Time
I'm FastMy Little CarThe Wheels on the Race Car
I'm Fast
by Kate and Jim McMullan
My Little Car: Mi Carrito
by Gary Soto
Wheels on the Race Car
by Alexander Zane