'Red Hats': A Novel

Red Hat  book coverRed Hats is a warm, funny and heart wrenching debut novel by noted comedian and actor Damon Wayans. The novel tells the story of Alma, a recently widowed, embittered, short-tempered and feisty 64-year-old woman who unexpectedly gets her life entangled with a group of women from a local Red Hats Society chapter. 

Haunted by events from her past and present, Alma descends into a deep depression, to which her only way out is to end her own life.  While attempting to do so, she is rescued and discovered by a group of Red Hat Society women who try to help and embrace Alma as one of their own. Yet her fears of opening up her heart to others -- as well as anger, regret and an unwillingness to forgive -- often mar their ambitions.

For a debut novel, Mr. Wayans far exceeded expectations in his portrayal of a female character’s voice, delivery, emotions and anger. Any person reading this novel is bound to be surprised that a famed male comedian could so fluidly capture such a compelling story from the perspective of a late middle aged woman coming to terms with aging, a long bitter marriage and depression. This is a great read and a wonderful story. The complex twists and turns will leave the reader shocked with its revelations and outcomes.
--S. Childs