Josef Mixon wins Teen Essay Contest!

Takoma Park Library

Josef Mixon wins Teen Essay Contest!

The happy winnerWe are happy to report that Josef Mixon is one of four winners of the 2012 DCPL Teen Summer Reading essay contest. Josef is a regular at the Takoma Park DC Library, and he is an extremely talented writer and artist.  He was very excited to learn he had won a Dell laptop for his book review of Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence.  He plans to use the laptop for schoolwork and creative writing.  Below is a copy of his winning book review. Congratulations, Josef!

"D. H. Lawrence creates a captivating and engaging story with Sons and Lovers. You're taken through the lives of the Morels, a working class English family, as they discover love and turmoil throughout the years. The mother finds love in a miner named Morel, and gets married and settles down. After her children are born, she and her husband slowly drift apart, and as the years go on her love gets directed towards her sons William and Paul. The love is intense and mutual, so when the boys mature and find interest in other women, they get torn between loving their mother and the girls they decide to court.

Lawrence is known for his wonderfully detailed stories and this book is no different. The early 20th century is represented perfectly with clear descriptions of England's countryside and the dialogue of the time. It should be noted that many of the settings are given much detail, and those new to Lawrence's books should be prepared for long intervals of descriptive narrative. This is in no way detrimental to the story, however, as it helps set up the various atmospheres, from the dark hillside of the mines outside of the town to the warm Morel household.

The characters are given the same treatment. They too are given life through Lawrence's narrative style, and you'll find yourself feeling strongly for William, Paul, and Mrs. Morel as their struggles are detailed with care. The wonderful blend of the well-developed characters and their surroundings fills the story with passion and substance, something which is often lacking in many modern novels.

Sons and Lovers is a great, classic read. Lawrence takes you through the complex subject inside and out of the family, with the familiarity of the characters making the story feel interesting and relatable. While the content can get mature at times, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories of romance or classic literature."