Summer of the Gypsy Moths

Francis A. Gregory Library

Summer of the Gypsy Moths

Stella loves the stability and routine she has living with her great-aunt Louise in Cape Cod.  It’s the exact opposite of the Summer of the Gypsy Moths book coverlife she had with her flighty mother who abandoned her just before summer.  Still, she can’t help but fantasize that one day her mom will settle down, take responsibility and they will live happily ever after. Angel, the foster child Louise has taken in to keep Stella company, only laughs at Stella’s naiveté. The two can’t stand each other.

It’s only when Louise suddenly dies that Stella and Angel decide that they have to get along.  They must rely on each other in order to survive. Stella and Angel must make some desperate choices, like getting rid of Louise’s body, to smooth over appearances and avoid getting taken in by foster care.

Though the concept is a bit disturbing, Summer of the Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker is filled with poignant moments between the girls in sharing their losses and learning about family.

For grades 8 and up.