Story Time Reads Oct. 15-19

West End Library

Story Time Reads Oct. 15-19

LETTER KNOWLEDGE: includes knowing that letters are different from each other, knowing letter names and sounds, and recognizing letters everywhere.

Why Is It Important?
To read words, children need to understand that a word is made of individual letters in other words a word is the "sum of its parts." 

What Can You Do to Help Build This Skill?
  • Look at and talk about different shapes. Letters are based on shapes: circles, triangles with diagonals and squares. 
  • Play “same and different”-type games: "The letter p is similar to letter q but different from letter a."
  • Look at “search for the picture” books.  I love to use the "I Spy" books.  It is also easy to make your own with stuff from your junk drawer.
  • Notice different type styles of letters (“a” or “A”) on signs and in books. 
  • Read ABC books.
  • Talk about and draw the letters of a child's own name. There are a number of great printables on the DLTK-Kids Teach website that are great for teaching letter knowledge. The printables are free and fun.

Books We Read:
Frog Went A-CourtingHush
Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic
by Steven Schnur
Frog Went A-Courting: A Musical Play in Six Acts
by Dominic Catalano
Hush: A Thai Lullaby
by Mingfong Ho
Leaf ManThe Night is SingingSleep, Sleep, Sleep
Leaf Man
by Lois Ehlert
The Night is Singing
by Jacqueline Davies
Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: A Lullaby for Little Ones Around the World
by Nancy Van Laan