DIY Halloween Makeup

Our three models and makeup artist Jill Turnbull
Did you miss our make-up workshop with Jill Turnbull of the Washington Ballet? Never fear. We have put together tutorials for the three looks Turnbull and her lovely teen assistants put together:
Vampire Look #1
Vampire Look #2 ("Buffy Style")

Jill stressed three key things:
  1. You don't need fancy makeup to put together a complete Halloween look.
  2. Don't worry about being perfect. "It's not about being perfect," she said. "It's about the effect."
  3. During the makeup process, it's always good to step back and check your look.

Oh yeah ... and have fun!

Vampire Look #1

Materials needed
White foundationReddish eye shadow (we used a terra cotta color)
Gray and black powderBlack makeup pencil or liquid eyeliner
Subtle pink or bright red lip colorVarious makeup brushes
1. To create a vampire-esque pallor, start with streaks of a white cream-based foundation and blend in. Add touches of yellow foundation and blend in with a makeup brush. Jill used special solution that the Ballet calls "Magic Drops," but you can use moisturizer to thin and help blend.Adding foundation
2. Add warmth around the eyes to bring out natural red in the eyes. A terra cotta-colored eye shadow is perfect for this. Using a medium brush, feather the eye shadow around the eye area.Applying red eyeliner
3.  Enhance the look around the eyes by applying the eye shadow under the lashes with a smaller brush. Don't worry about applying a straight line; think of it as joining the dots between your lashes. Add eye shadow on the top eyelid to finish the effect.Red eyelids
4. Draw the vampire's widow's peak with a black pencil, then soften the look by stippling with gray and black powder. Also brush the powder around the outer edges of the eyes and face.Adding powder
5. You can finish with a subtle pink or terra cotta on the lips, or, as in our case, punch it up with bright, blood-red lips.Finished vampire 1

Vampire Look #2 ("Buffy Style")

Materials needed
Lighter-colored foundationDarker-colored foundation
Black pencil or liquid eyelinerLight-colored powder
Deep red blushBright red lip color
Reddish eyeshadowVarious brushes
Cotton pads 
1. Draw lines along the cheekbones with a lighter-colored foundation for contouring. Blend into the face by using a cotton pad to pull the color down toward the neck.Applying foundation
2. Blend in a slightly darker color on the top part of the face. Add that same foundation on the brow and underneath the eyes. When blending the foundation around the eyes, use more of a dabbing motion.Brow and under eyes
3. On the brow, make upward lines of black makeup with a brush. For guides on where to draw your lines, scrunch up your face and follow the ridges your face makes. Blend with powder.Applying black lines
4. Use a deep red blush along the cheekbones and around the edges of the face, near the eyes.
5. Add some red or terra cotta eye shadow along the edges of the eyelids. Use a brush to blend.
6. Lastly, draw strong, defined lips with a bright red lipstick and a fine brush. Exaggerate the lip lines and then fill in.Final look

The werewolf

Materials needed
Foundation a few shades lighter than your skin toneBlack makeup pencil
Black eye shadowVarious brushes
White foundationCotton pads

For the werewolf look, we were able to film the full presentation. (She also gave some other makeup tips and and an inside look at working with the Washington Ballet.)