Sandy, Oh Sandy

Southeast Library

Sandy, Oh Sandy

Stock Up On Library Essentials Before The Storm!

With Hurricane Sandy expected to make a BIG impression on Washington, DC, it's important to be prepared. However, aside from the essentials like flashlights and food, it's important to have a steady supply of entertainment too.

So be sure to check out these great new books for the kids:

Bear Has A Story To TellCover art of "Bear Has A Story To Tell"
Cover art of "Llama, Llama Time To Share"Llama, Llama Time To Share
Let's Go For a Drive!"Let's Go For A Drive" cover art
Cover art for "Watch Out, Monsters About!"Watch Out, Monsters About!
Splat the Cat: The Rain is a PainCover art for "Splat the Cat: The Rain is a Pain"

And grownups, don't forget to check out our Downloadable Media to stock up your Kindles and Nooks before the big storm! Don't forget to charge them, too!

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