Elissa Miller Named Librarian of the Year for Promoting Reading in Spanish

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Elissa Miller Named Librarian of the Year for Promoting Reading in Spanish

Elissa Miller has been named the Librarian of the Year by America Reads Spanish (ARS).  The award to Miller, the associate director of the Library’s collections, was announced at the LIBER 2012 International Book Fair in Barcelona.

“The Library is dedicated to serving a diverse group of native Spanish speakers in D.C., as well as supporting Spanish language learners and dual language programs,” said Miller. “Our Spanish Languages collections are the primary vehicle for meeting the needs and interest of all Spanish speakers, be they newcomers or long-time District residents.”

“We are so proud that Elissa has received this honor,” said Ginnie Cooper, chief librarian of the District of Columbia.  “By including books that interests all of our users, Elissa helps ensure that the District’s libraries welcome everyone and value their culture and language.”

The ARS Prize for Librarian of the Year is given to an American librarian, who during the current year has promoted Spanish books and reading in the United States, increased the Spanish holdings of a library, and worked to disseminate the Spanish language in the United States.
America Reads Spanish is a program sponsored by the Federation of Publishing Guilds of Spain and the Institute of Foreign Trade, whose goal is to promote reading and the use of Spanish in the United States.

The DC Public Library’s Spanish collection caters to all ages and includes books, DVDs and audiobooks.  By purchasing books in the U.S. – as well as in Spain and Latin America – the Library offers the latest in popular literature, classics, how-to, general non-fiction and information from countries of origin, along with the best of original Spanish and bilingual children’s books.

To complement Miller’s award, the DC Public Library Foundation received a $1,600 donation to be used for the purchase of books in Spanish.