Your Vote Counts!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Your Vote Counts!

Cast Your Vote for Your Favorite First Lady of British Comedy

Don't leave undecided!The British Flag

This is the race that really matters.  No electoral college here.  Direct democracy as often as you like. One person, several votes.  Let us know who is your favorite of these Queens of Britcom, as seen on PBS and at your friendly neighborhood library.

Candidate 1:

Patricia Routledge


Patricia Routledge in Keeping Up Appearances

Candidate 2:

Mollie Sugden


Mollie Sugden in Are You Being Served?

Candidate 3:

Dame Judith Dench


Dame Judith Dench in As Time Goes By

Candidate 4:

Stephanie Cole

Stephanie Cole in Waiting for God & Doc Martin

Vote early and often

You have two ways to vote:
  • In person at the Popular Library located on the ground level of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, just off the Great Hall
  • Online, using the Google Poll below

Let your voice be heard!  The winner will be announced later this week, but if you enjoy their hilarious work, no one is a loser here.

And seriously, don't forget to vote!