Shooting Stars Dance Recital

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Shooting Stars Dance Recital

Come see what all the fun is about on Dec. 19!

Ahriana Merryweather is a 10-year-old phenom who attends KIPP in Northwest D.C. For the past two months, she has been teaching the Shooting Stars dance class at Watha T. Daniel Library on Wednesdays nights.  This class will culminate in a recital on Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. 

Ahriana Merryweather Ms. Nina: What styles of dance have you been working on at the library?
Ahriana: Modern, hip hop and some contemporary.

Ms. Nina: What made you want to teach your own dance class?
Ahriana: I decided that I had a lot of free time and there were a lot of girls around the library in the evenings. I thought they could use a class, so that I could teach them to dance, and so everyone would have something constructive to do with their time.

Ms. Nina: It's true, we have a lot of young ladies in here who love to dance.  What's the hardest part of being a teacher?
Ahriana: Keeping everybody focused and helping all the personalities get along together.

Ms. Nina: What are some of your musical selections for the recital?
Ahriana: "Morris Brown" by Outkast, "Shake It Like a Pom Pom" by Missy Elliott and "Beautiful" by India Arie.

Ms. Nina: What's your favorite type of dance to perform?
Ahriana: My favorite type of dance is hip hop.

Ms. Nina: How long have you been dancing?
Ahriana: I could dance before I could walk, and sing before I could talk!

Ms. Nina: What's your favorite class in school?
Ahriana: Science because it has different ways of teaching the same thing. My favorite teacher uses a big green spiky ball to get us to answer questions in class and it's so much fun.

We are very proud of Ahriana and all of our dancers!  All are welcome on Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. to the recital. Check back at the Watha T. Daniel Library web page for more free dance and yoga programs.
--Anina Ertel