Imaginary Girls

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Imaginary Girls

A Supernatural Journey Through Sisterhood

Cover Art of "Imaginary Girls"Ruby said it would be the best summer ever, and so 14-year-old Chloe knew it would be. After all, Ruby gave the world weight and if she said it then it must be true. So when Ruby decides to have a party at the Reservoir, it goes without question that it will be the best party ever. Unfortunately, that is the night where everything changes forever.

When Chloe discovers the body of her classmate, she flees her hometown to live with her father.  However, when Ruby comes for her two years later she wants things to be like they were...before.

And Ruby always gets what she wants.

Nova Ren Suma's masterpiece Imaginary Girls takes us on a journey to discover just how deep the bonds of sisterhood are and how far Ruby will go to protect her sister.  A must read for teens, Suma eloquently weaves the paranormal into the everyday, makes us question what is possible in the name of family.  
-- Brooke Hadder