Book Club Title for December

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Book Club Title for December

'The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court'

Cover image of Jeffrey Toobin's nonfiction book, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court's secretive nature lends it an aura of mystery not shared by the other branches of American government. Reports on the goings-on of the court rarely go beyond the hearings themselves; everything else is sheer speculation and few are the brave who would dare risk this at the cost of never again being given a viable quote by a justice.

The tenure of reporters who cover the Supreme Court tends to last almost as long as those of the justices. In this engaging read, Jeffrey Toobin gives us the kind of insight only an outsider with a law background and the right connections can provide.

Join us Wednesday, Jan. 9 in the meeting room for a lively discussion of this topical book. For more information about the book club, please contact Ana Elisa de Campos Salles at or call 202-671-3122.