Tenley-Friendship Library Foreign Film Series

Tenley-Friendship Library

Tenley-Friendship Library Foreign Film Series

Please join us for the Tenley-Friendship Library's Foreign Film Series. Over the next three months we will feature one film a month. 

Poster for the film City of God

Wednesday, Dec. 19
6:30 p.m.

City of God (R)*
2002 -- 130 minutes

City of God or Cidade de Deus is a Brazilian film about a boy growing up in the dangerous slums of Rio de Janeiro. The dramatic visuals of the film are both beautiful and horrifying.

This is a violent film about life in a dangerous place, but it is not without moral guide, namely the protagnasit, Rocket.
Wednesday, Jan. 16
6:30 p.m.

Infernal Affairs (R)*
2002 -- 101 Minutes

If you enjoyed The Departed by director Martin Scoresse, come see the film that it was based on.

Infernal Affairs was made in Hong Kong, and continues the region's tradition of fast-paced, stylized actions films. The movie centers on two men, one an undercover police officer embedded in the mob, the other, a police officer who is an informant for the same crime organization.
Poster for the film Infernal Affairs
Poster for the film Chungking ExpressWednesday, Feb. 13
6:30 PM

Chungking Express (PG-13)
1994 -- 98 Minutes

From filmmaker Wong Kar-wai (In the Mood for Love, 2046), Chungking Express tells two stories of Hong Kong policemen dealing with love lost. Kar-wai contrasts the crowded claustrophobic feeling of Hong Kong with the detachment and loneliness of the officers.

*No one under 17 permitted