Book Review: 'Brothers (& me)'

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Book Review: 'Brothers (& me)'

Brothers (& me)Brothers (& me): a memoir of loving and giving, by Donna Britt, journalist -- a former syndicated columnist with the Washington Post -- has given us the proverbial “open book": a no-holds-barred (no she didn’t say that) account of her very personal challenges: as the sister of three very different brothers; as the daughter of a “mysterious” and distant father; and as wife to a husband for whom she expended forgiveness.

Donna traces the onset of her penchant for male nurturing to the death of her middle brother Darrell, killed by police in the racially tense city of Gary, Ind., more than 30 years ago. What might she have done that would have changed events?

This tragedy is the backdrop of what makes for an arresting story of Donna's own liberation and her mothering of her own sons, all portrayed with honesty, skillful imagery and narration that leaves the reader with much to think about, much to relate to and accolades for Donna Britt’s mastery of her craft as an storyteller. “Women," she writes, “are the world’s most reliable and unappreciated givers.”

With humor and pathos, Brothers (& me) bespeaks to how Donna Britt continues to be a uniquely gifted award-winning writer of contemporary yet timeless issues. 

-- Evon H. Ervin, Shepherd Park Book Club