Book Review: 'Living with Mom and Living with Dad'

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Book Review: 'Living with Mom and Living with Dad'

Living with Mom and Living with DadLiving with Mom and Living with Dad, by Melanie Walsh, is a lovely book dealing with a hard subject for children.  The young girl in a book has parents who are divorced, and sometimes lives with her mom and sometimes lives with her dad.  The book uses lift-and-flaps to contrast the difference her two homes. 

Despite the negative connotation and stigma that is often associated with divorce, Walsh addresses the topic in a very positive light.  The book’s illustrations are simple, colorful and bright; on an aesthetic level alone it has much appeal. The characters in the book are not shown angry or yelling, everyone appears smiling, and it is obvious that both parents love the child very much.

Moreover, there are many positive depictions of self-empowerment, as the protagonist acknowledges the life change she takes actions towards embracing her new normal.  She tells the reader that though she has sets at each house she always takes her favorite toys in her backpack and soothes her feelings of loneliness by talking to her absent parent over the telephone. The reader is left with feelings of warmth as the book closes.

This librarian would definitely recommend this to parents and educators looking to explain family changes and different families to younger children.