Some Stories from The Georgetown Young Writer's Group

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Some Stories from The Georgetown Young Writer's Group

Fortune Cookie Fortunes

This past month, the Kids Writer's Group of Georgetown Library perused some fortune cookies for inspiration. Using a fortune for the first line or inspiration of their story, a couple of the writer's have submitted their work for perusal. 

You Will Have A Good Life... by Sophia
There was a girl named Maxine. She was jealous of her little sister, Jane, because she got everything that she wanted. One day, Maxine heard Jane tattling on her that she made Hopper, the rabbit mess up in her room. Her parents talked about grounding her.

Maxine was very angry at Jane. Maxine was grounded for a month. When she went to school, she mumbled, "It's not fair!"

She told her friends, Grace, Laura and Jimin. Grace tried to cheer her up by singing. Maxine didn't feel better. Laura tried cheering her up by telling jokes. Maxine still did not feel better. Jimin tried cheering her up by telling her to tell her parents that Jane lied. Her parents believed her. Jane got grounded instead.

That's why Maxine had a very good life.

Untitled by Brianna
If I was bright I would want to be a superstar or president of the United States. My name would be "President, Star or Burroughs". And plus, I would let kids vote 5-100 years to vote. It would be so cool! Everyone would love me.

Welcome United States of America, I welcome Brianna Burrough. I would be so suprised by I don't want to die. I would love it!

Thanks America.

Untitled by Annikki
“You will learn the way of the world,” my grandfather said to me, before he died. I did not know what he meant then. But I know now.

Before, I thought the world was a happy place. But I learned that it was not.

In my fifth grade class, our teacher filled a bucket with water and told us that the bucket was the world and we are the water. And everyone has something to give.

Everyone was really inspired, but I kept watching the bucket. The water dripped out little by little. What I took from that is that my life is like a drop in a bucket.

Santa by Anonmyous
“Hi! I’m Sanny Santa’s daughter. People say I might be the new Santa, but I don’t believe.

Then there was this one day when the newest calendar went up. I saw on it, the day that Santa retires.

It is only the family, the elves and the dogs that will know because if the kids all over the world knew, they would stop believing. Then, that’s when I started believing, believing that I was the new Santa. There was only one thing good about it. I might not have to go to school, or I can boss people around or maybe… ok, I guess that was more than one thing.

Also, I forgot to tell you more about me. So I’m in the 5th grade, 10 years old, I go to North Pole Jolly and my full name is Sanny Savanna Claus.

Fortune CookiesGive and You Will Be Given by Lucy
…This is the fortune that got my life into this mess. I’m Marie. I gave one penny to a poor guy and when I woke up in the morning, I had more than a million bucks. The news spread fast, but it’s not really as great as it sounds. This other night, this kid who is totally out to get me, tried to kidnap me. I ran and grabbed a few bucks and now, I’m on the run.

Untitled by Kaleila
My fortune is that I have a safe trip to Utah. I go to Utah for summer vacation and winter break. Pretty much all of my family lives there like my cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents. Since in Utah there is a lot of mountains, our favorite thing to do is mountain climbing, hiking and camping. And that place is the best place in the world. The place I go to in Utah is Salt Lake City.