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Palisades Library

Coming Soon!

Afternoon Story, Song and Play

legosJoin children's librarian and early childhood educator Miss Christina for a fun new program at the Palisades Library, Afternoon Story, Song and Play.  On Tuesday Jan. 8, Jan. 15, and Jan. 29 at 4 p.m., we will be listening to a few stories, singing songs, and have a free play time to build using legos. 

We will spark children's creativity and imagination, develop fine motor skills, socialize with other children, and teach children recognition of shapes, colors, and beyond.  Integrated singing, stories and playing also increases your child's physical, cognitive, and emotional development.  Through playing, the children will explore and develop their senses which creates more brain synapses.

This program is best for children ages 2 to 6 accompanied by their parent or caregiver.  All play materials will be provided by the library.

(Image courtesy of Patrick H. Lauke via CreativeCommons)