A Children's Librarian's Twelve Days of Christmas

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

A Children's Librarian's Twelve Days of Christmas

With Some Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

12 Days of Christmas, Illustrated by Rachel Isadora On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Twelve toddlers toddling,
Eleven people meeting,
Ten teens-a-tweeting,
Nine-year-olds reading,
Eighth graders Googling,
Seven staff-a-shelving,
Six item orders,
Five Story Times!
Four hold requests,
Three school groups,
Two book displays,
and a subject heading from the LC!

Yep. That’s what my twelve days of Christmas looks like. Luckily, most days I absolutely love my job, but I must admit that it can be a bit hectic at times.

Think about how your twelve days of Christmas might sound.  When you put it all down on paper, you may discover that you have more responsibilities and commitments than you even realized. And during the holidays, many of us have added pressures and expectations, which can leave us feeling more than a little bit frazzled. When I’m stressed I like to find ways to make myself laugh, so I write ridiculous blog posts, or retreat to bed with a good David Sedaris book.

Fortunately, DC Public Library has a myriad of resources to help you cope with holiday stress:
  • Try checking out one of our e-audio books on stress relief.
  • If you're feeling more ambitious, consider enrolling in Stress Management 101, an online course offered through Universal Class and free to DCPL cardholders.
  • Use some of your three free downloads a week through Freegal to snag yourself some music designed for relaxation.
  • Or come on down to one of DCPL's Yoga classes, offered at several locations.
Wishing everyone happy holidays and a healthy, stress-free new year.   

-- Elaine Pelton