Review: 'The Mobile Wave' by Michael J. Saylor

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Review: 'The Mobile Wave' by Michael J. Saylor

'How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything'

Mobile Wave Book Cover by Michael SaylorMIT-educated Michael J. Saylor’s The Mobile Wave – How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything, presents the impact of mobile intelligence – the fifth wave of computer technology, and what sweeping changes this will bring into our lives.  Like the Agricultural Revolution that transformed humanity from nomadic groups of hunter-gatherers into city dwellers, creating a foundation for the great city-states, and like the Industrial Revolution that ushered in the modern mechanized economies we see today, the Mobile Revolution will be the tipping point technology that will launch us from the present Information Revolution to all things mobile. 
“Software has boiled into a vapor form that surrounds us everywhere we go….We will use vaporous mobile software as constantly as we breathe.” Saylor goes on to say that “in cyberspace, where software lives, there are no laws of physics to provide an anchor ... Software-based products are constrained only by what the developers can imagine.” Mobile smart phones and tablet computers help create a universal computing platform for the world – accessible anywhere, anytime. 

All areas will be affected -- finance, business, entertainment, education:
  • A Harvard education will be available for anyone with the touch of a screen.
  • The entire Library of Congress – the world’s largest library holding more than 100 million items -- will be available on a device slightly larger than a library card
  • Social networks, up to now, largely hangouts, will morph into social universe – “a broadcast medium for everything from morning yawns to killings caught on video.”
  • Mobile identity technology will make it easier to control access to sensitive areas like schools, where only authorized people can enter.
It will also be possible to verify your identity quickly to someone thousands of miles away; Saylor’s company, MicroStrategy, Inc., is exploring all this. 

Check out the author’s Saylor Foundation, where several free, college-level courses are offered online.

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