Book Review: 'Amber House'

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Book Review: 'Amber House'

Cover image of Amber HouseOver the holiday break, I had the opportunity to get some reading done. Amber House, a new young adult fiction book written by a mother-daughter team, seemed like it would be just the thing to read while I was snowed in at my parents' house. It did not disappoint. 

Amber House is a stunning mansion outside of Baltimore. When Sarah's grandmother passes away just before Sarah's sixteenth birthday, the family must fly across the country to Amber House to settle her affairs - and to sell the house.  But why did Sarah's mother move so far away, and why is she so eager to sell her family legacy?

Jackson, one of the house servants, tells Sarah there is a treasure hidden somewhere in the house.  But when Sarah goes looking for it, all she finds are the echos of her troubled ancestors. Sarah can see them, and they speak to her and to her young autistic brother, Sam. Sarah wants to believe that these ghosts can’t hurt her family, because she's drawn to them. While she searches for answers to the mystery of the house, her mother prepares a giant sixteenth birthday party for Sarah, which will showcase the house to prospective buyers. Meanwhile, Sarah realizes Jackson is hiding even more secrets about his own connection with the house.

This young adult fiction book will keep readers guessing until the very last page with a multi-layered mystery.  Can Sarah find out what went wrong in the past at Amber House? And will knowing the truth give her any power to set things right?