Are you comfortable in your own skin?

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Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Book art for Skinned by Robin WassermanWhat makes you human? Is it what you think, your experiences? Or is it something more?

Lia Kahn had everything. She was a popular socialite and everyone followed her vids to see what she and her friends were wearing, saying, or even eating that day. But it all changed in a split second. There was a problem with her car’s auto command system and next thing she knew she was a mech -- a machine that housed all of her thoughts, memories, and experiences. She would never age, she would never die. But was she ever going to be human again?

Skinned by Robin Wasserman is a great story about what it takes to fit in, and discover what really makes you who you are.

If you liked Starters by Lissa Price, you will like Skinned.