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The Gerbil Diaries

Pepa's Daily Reflections

Pepa contemplates his New Year's ResolutionsWhen I got to work last Wednesday, I said good morning to our library gerbils, Salt and Pepa.

They asked why no one had come to see them the day before. I explained that everyone was at home celebrating New Year’s Day. Salt told me that he had never heard of New Year’s. Pepa wanted to know whether the holiday involved anything in the way of extra snacks for gerbils.

In explaining the significance of New Year’s, I mentioned the tradition of making resolutions, or setting goals for the coming year.  The gerbils were intrigued and decided to set resolutions of their own. One of Pepa’s resolutions was to begin recording his daily experiences for the sake of posterity. After much bargaining, he has given us permission to share with readers Week One of The Gerbil Diaries and hopes that you find his personal reflections both informative and illuminating.   
-- Elaine Pelton
Week 1, 2013
Day 1: New Year’s Resolutions: Cut down on Cheerios. Eat better books. Get to the wheel at least four times a week. Keep a diary. 
Day 2: Working on redecorating our living room. Think we need to move our wheel again. This book on Feng Shui suggests that Qi’s flow may be disrupting our sleep.  
Day 3: Set up Pinterest page with wish list. Particularly excited about the Steampunk gerbil helmet I found online.
Day 4: Mistaken for a duck today.  That’s a new one.
Day 5: Argument with Salt today over who has the longest tail. We decided we should settle the dispute by measuring with Cheerios. Turns out that my tail is about one-quarter of a Cheerio longer than Salt’s. I don’t wish to gloat. But it’s true.   
Day 6: Started reading The One and Only Ivan. The librarian tells me it’s one of her favorite contenders for the “New Berry Meddle” this year.  Not sure what a “meddle” is, but I am growing sick of the same old berries every day. Thought I should look into what it takes to win some new ones.
Day 7: Really starting to feel for this gorilla, Ivan.  I love this quote: “I wonder who this Picasso is. Does he have a tire swing like me? Does he ever eat his crayons?” I spend much of my time wondering about life outside these walls, as well. My biggest criticism of the novel so far is that page 42 tastes a little dry. Thinking it could use a little more ink.  
To be Continued ...