Alvin Ho Is Afraid of Everything!

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Alvin Ho Is Afraid of Everything!

Giggle Reads from Ms. Jess

Alvin Ho the bookEveryone is afraid of something. Alvin Ho… is afraid of everything. And Alvin’s fears have disastrous consequences.

In Allergic to Dead Bodies, Funerals and Other Fatal Circumstances by Lenore Look, Alvin becomes worried about the possibility of his GungGung, (his grandpa,) dying. He worries about it so much that he accidentally leads his entire school to believe that GungGung has actually died! Hilarious consequences result as a school funeral is planned for GungGung and the students make spirit houses out of paper for GungGung in heaven. Alvin wants desperately to speak up but he can’t!

Find out what happens to Alvin when his classmates find out GungGung’s not really dead. This is a gut-wrenching series as Alvin trips his way to hilarity. Even better, there are four other books about Alvin Ho to fill your belly with laughs.