General Permission to Publish

General Permission to Publish

This copy is for review only. Please consult with staff to determine the correct permission to submit: 202-727-1213.

You can also access the original Word document.

The Washingtoniana Division has collected images from a variety of private and public sources.  Reproduction from our collections is provided as a service to our patrons. The DC Public Library (DCPL) does not have reproduction rights for much of this material although many are in the public domain. When appropriate, it is your responsibility to determine copyright and obtain permission to use.

I understand that permission is granted for one-time use of images in this project, with non-exclusive world-wide rights for this and all subsequent editions, revisions, and derivative works, in English and in foreign translations, in all formats, including CD-ROM and electronic media for an indefinite period.  Photographic materials may not be used in another project without written permission of DCPL.

The DC Public Library grants permission for one-time use of the images listed in Photo Order ______ for:

1. Project Title:

2. Release Date:

3. Publisher:

I agree to display the following credit line with the images:
Courtesy DC Public Library, Washingtoniana Division

I agree to provide the Washingtoniana Division with one copy of any publication, broadcast or film in which the photographs appear.  I also agree to pay for negatives if I order prints of the requested images.

By signing this statement, I assume full responsibility for any infringement of the above conditions.

Signed _________________________

Date ___________________________

Tye or Print Name:

Affiiation (if any)


Photo No.: