Your Child vs. Bedtime

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Your Child vs. Bedtime

Check Out Our New Pajama Story Time!

Happy New Year, friends!  I’d like to invite you to our newest all ages story time, at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays. Come have your nightly bed time story with other little ones from our neighborhood, and wear your pajamas so we can see how cute you are! (I'm pretty excited to have an excuse to wear pajamas at work.)

I am also excited to sift through our picture book collection and pull out the best books for bed time.  What makes the best bed time books?  The answer: Any book your child is excited to read! But here are a few of my bedtime-themed recommendations to try:
Dinosaur vs. BedtimeDinosaur vs. Bedtime
By Bob Shea

If there’s one thing that I have learned from working with children and books, it’s that imitating dinosaurs is a good way to get kids to do the things they are otherwise reluctant to do. This pint-sized dino defeats a bowl of spaghetti, a pile of leaves and talking grownups. Then he moves on to the real challenge…getting ready for bed.

Children will tire themselves out repeating the roaring noises with their favorite grown up. Then if you’re lucky, they’ll brush their T-Rex fangs and fall asleep exhausted. 
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise BrownGoodnight Moon
By Margaret Wise Brown

Almost everyone can remember reading this classic as a little one. Toddlers love the repetitive “good nights," but the other great thing about this book is that it can be read in so many ways. In the illustrations hide oodles of small treasures, making it perfect for dialogic reading, which is our fancy library way of saying you can talk to your children about what they see in pictures.

This encourages their narrative or storytelling skills as they get ready to learn to read.  Any book works for this, but Goodnight Moon is known for it.  Check out the Wikipedia entry for a list of details that older children and adults can search for in the illustrations.
Llama Llama red Pajama by Anna DewdneyLlama Llama, Red Pajama
By Anna Dewdney

Sometimes little llamas need a reminder that their mama is always near, even when they are in bed and can’t see what she’s doing. This humorous account of nighttime curiosity, panic and finally calm is told with infectious rhymes that will stick in your head for weeks. 

We hope to see you and yours at Pajama Story Time, on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.
-- Anina Ertel