Black History Month Events at "The View"

Capitol View Library

Black History Month Events at "The View"

blackhistorymonth2Looking for exciting Black History Month events in the Capitol View and Marshall Heights communities?  We have arranged a variety of programs with you in mind.

For children and youth, the excitement begins on Feb. 7 at 10:30 a.m. with a visit from the Colgate Dental Health Van.  While waiting for free dental checkups and referrals (ages 3 – 12 years), children and youth will engage in arts and crafts activities about famous African Americans.

On Feb. 12 at 3:30 pm, the Smithsonian Associates Discovery Theater on Tour will present a special performance of “How Old is a Hero.”

For adults, the Monday evening lecture series features award-winning historian C. R. Gibbs. On Feb. 4, Mr. Gibbs will discuss “Tangled Web: Race, Urban Renewal and Gentrification in the District of Columbia.”  On Feb. 11, he returns to examine “Let Your Motto Be Resistance: Great Slave Revolts.”  On February 25, Mr. Gibbs concludes the series on the topic “The African Origins of Christianity.” 

But the in-depth conversations don't stop there. Wednesday evenings are slated for an examination of current issues. On Feb. 6, come see a screening of Prince Among Slaves, the amazing story of Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori, an African Prince who endured forty years of bondage without losing his quest for freedom. Following the film, guest speakers United States Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. and American Islamic Heritage Museum curator Amir Muhammad will lead a discussion on helping to build relationships across communities of faith even when current events cause tension.

On Feb. 13, National Black Women’s Health Imperative President Eleanor Hoytt appears.  The author of the enlightening book, Health First: The Black Woman’s Health Imperative, will shed light on the struggle to stop health care disparities among women and communities of color.

Finally, on Feb. 20, the Chairman of the Reentry Network for Returning Citizens, Courtney Stewart, will focus on the organization’s effort to help previously incarcerated persons re-connect with the community.

Evening events begin at 6:30 p.m.  Look forward to seeing you at "The View” during Black History Month.  Be sure to mark your calendar and bring friends.