Meditation Workshop

West End Library

Meditation Workshop

Meditation and Personal Happiness

Image of human figure in meditationPlease join us for a three-part series on the peace and pleasure of Jyoti meditation and the joy of happiness to be held Feb. 4, Feb. 11, and Feb. 25, each date a Monday at 7 p.m., and to be led by David Newcomb, practitioner/teacher of the art as well as author/poet/playwright/composer.

The pursuit of happiness is fundamental to human nature, so much so that in the Declaration of Independence it is termed an “inalienable right.”  Yet, when it comes to teaching us how to achieve happiness, our parents and teachers have traditionally directed our attention out into the world, toward relationships, activities, and things.  A fair question we may ask is whether this has worked.  Have we become happier with the passage of time, and is our happiness lasting?

For those of us who are still searching for a way to find lasting happiness, an alternative comes to us from the ancient wisdom of India.  Eastern mystical tradition says that, so long as we invest our attention outwardly in physical relationships and things, we will continue to experience loss and sorrow, because physical relationships and things do not last.  But, if we invert our attention back onto the source of our own consciousness -- the inner light we encounter at the seat of the soul -- we will experience bliss, and that bliss will be lasting.

Jyoti meditation is the practice whereby we focus our attention at a point between and behind the two eyebrows, and maintain our focus without the distraction of thought.  When we meditate in this way, we will, in time, see inner light, and experience ourselves as being one with that light.  Such an experience confers on us lasting happiness.  We need not renounce the world, but we do need to add the value of spiritual meditation to enrich the time we spend in it. 

Again, please join us for this three-part workshop that will introduce you to the peace and pleasure of Jyoti meditation, and discover the happiness of knowing who you are.