A Fun and Fancy Family Affair!

Petworth Library

A Fun and Fancy Family Affair!

A Joyful Petworth Kids' Inaugural Ball


On Jan. 16, Petworth Library hosted its first Inaugural Ball for children and their families! We began the evening with an energetic follow-the-leader style dance, called “Ziggy Says” (akin to Simon Says). Then we greeted our guests and had a brief discussion about the significance of the presidential inauguration, which includes the oath of office and the inaugural address.
change has come
After our greeting, we read aloud from Kadir Nelson’s book, Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates the American Spirit, which incorporates poignant excerpts from several of Barack Obama’s speeches with stirring illustrations. Then we skipped, twirled and shimmied around as we played a large group game of “Presidents’ Chairs” (musical chairs with some of the more well-known Presidents’ images on them)!

After all that activity, everyone had worked up quite an appetite, so we lined up tallest to smallest for a banquet of kid-friendly finger food snacks. Tummies sated, children were encouraged to explore their options: they could stay in the “Ball Room” to dance and play a raucous game of Balloon Bop, or they could make a Patriotic Parade Stick or Play Trivia B-Ball. Everyone was welcome to write a message on our "Dear Mr. President" mural and each child chose a book gift as our way of thanking them for joining us at our very own Inaugural Ball.

These photos capture some of the joyous spirit from this fancy, fun affair! Thank you families, staff and volunteers. Each person contributed to the success of our event. We all truly had a ball!
children's roomballoon bop
dear mr presidentdear prez
tod volunteerstod volunteers2
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