Gaining Literacy Skills Through Movement and Dance

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Gaining Literacy Skills Through Movement and Dance

On the MoveMost educators accept that each child learns differently, and therefore more than one approach should be used when working with children. Young children retain information better when they have more than one way to explore it.

Play is an important aspect of learning for young children and helps with early childhood development. The Movement with Books Story Time is designed to help children with story recall, word vocabulary and other literacy skills through movement and dance. The librarian initiates activities which prompt the children to use their own ideas and creativity, so they in turn become class leaders and teachers.

Let's PlayThe class begins with a warm-up, where the children are encouraged to think of an action word and a body part to go with it. This activity helps to get the children focused for the session and the reading of a story that they will further explore through movement. Sometimes the children will recreate a story they heard through movement or they may use the story to create their own dance. If a book has a lot of new words, movement activities are used to help increase their memory of the words. The children enjoy contributing to their learning lesson and gain great skills for helping to inspire their peers to also participate in the process.

I strongly believe that learning should be a fun endeavor and one where children should be excited to share what they learned with others. I plan the Movement and Books Story Time to tap into the kinetic learning abilities children have. Join us for this new story time, on Thursday mornings at 11 for 3- to 5-year-olds, at Martin Luther King Jr. Library.
-- Carmen Boston