Portrait of a Librarian's Bookshelf in 2012

Petworth Library

Portrait of a Librarian's Bookshelf in 2012

Librarian stereotypeThere are some librarian stereotypes that just don't describe me.
  • I'm not 200 years old.
  • I don't "shhhhh" every child that makes a sound.
  • I have perfect vision without coke-bottle glasses.
  • I'm definitely not neat and tidy.
There are some librarian stereotypes that DO describe me:
  • I'm obsessed with cats.
  • I often wear a bun in my hair.
  • Cardigans are a fashion must!
  • ... and most of all, I love books.
2012 might have been my busiest year of reading... EVER. I was so excited about so many of the books I've read over the past year, I decided to bring them all together in one place and recreate my 'bookshelf' for everyone to check out.
picture of Petworth display left side
picture of Petworth display right side
In the Adult Fiction Reading Room at Petworth, I have gathered a display of every book I read in 2012; books I liked and books I didn't. Fortunately, I liked most of them. I hope you will too.

The range includes first-time authors like HHhH by Laurent Binnet (my favorite book of the year), highly-anticipated novels such as The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and NW by Zadie Smith, and celebrity autobiographies Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson and Coal Miner's Daughter by Loretta Lynn. 

Please come in and grab some of my latest reads.

(Adapted librarian photo from MrSchuReads / Flickr)