A Good Read for Teens

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A Good Read for Teens

'Secret Saturdays'

Secret SaturdaysSecret Saturdays is a great read for teens struggling with issues surrounding friendship and trust. The main character, Sean, has been acting out, telling lies and getting into trouble at school. He starts hanging out with a tough crowd. The problem is that this isn't like Sean.

Sean, along with his friends Justin, Kyle and Vanessa, have been best friends since fourth grade. For the past two years, they have traveled to each other’s apartments for their Saturday night sleepovers. They are linked by their cultural identities (being mixed-race kids of Puerto Rican and African American descent). They’re also linked by the fact that they all have absent fathers and similar aspirations to avoid the drugs and violence that is so prevalent in their neighborhood.

Secret Saturdays uses this urban setting and dialogue to grapple with issues of trust, family, friendship and identity. To read more, check out the book at your nearby library.