Book Review: 'Shattered'

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Book Review: 'Shattered'

ShatteredWhen I picked up Shattered by Kia Dupree, I braced myself for what I was about to digest on a mental and emotional level.  The title alone supported me in my imagery of a dark and tragic story with no hope of survival in the end.

KiKi, the main character and her siblings are torn apart when her deaf mother loses custody. As a result, they end up in foster care and separated from each other. But KiKi's stay in foster care is short-lived. She soon runs away and is lured into captivity by a pimp and sexual abuser. She learns that in order to survive, she must sell her body.

This gritty tale with its raw description of sex for sale, street life, rape and drugs, takes place in the Washington, D.C. 'hoods where the potential for loss of life or injury is always lurking nearby.

The dialogues between the characters are realistic and authentic. The reader is quickly drawn into a world of pain and destruction.  If this sounds like a good read to you, then check out a copy from your DC Public Library and find out what happens to Kiki, her siblings and her mother.