'Eslanda' by Barbara Ransby

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'Eslanda' by Barbara Ransby

Eslanda RobesonEslanda "Essie" Cardozo Goode Robeson was the wife and business manager of the great musical legend Paul Robeson. She was born in Washington, D.C. in 1896 and attended the University of Illinois and Columbia University. One of her first jobs led her to be the first African American to serve as the head histological chemist of Surgical Pathology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Eslanda married Paul Robeson in 1921 and had their only child, Paul Robeson Jr., in 1927. She would later write her first book in 1930, a biography of her husband, Paul Robeson, Negro.  

Pursuing her own career initiatives, Eslanda graduated with a degree in anthropology, traveled to Africa and would write African Journey. She would write a third book, edited by Pearl S. Buck, named American Argument, where she dialogued about race, politics and society in general. Ms. Robeson was also a world activist and fought for the decolonization of Africa and Asia. She was also an UN correspondent for the New World Review. She was an outstanding and interesting person.

Don't take our word for it -- come in and check out the book Eslanda: The Large and Unconventional Life of Mrs. Paul Robeson for yourself.

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-- Martin Burrows