Evironmental Film Festival: 'Stealing from the Poor'

Woodridge Library

Evironmental Film Festival: 'Stealing from the Poor'

Monday, March 18, 2013, 6 p.m.

Stealing from the poorJoin us for the United States premiere of Stealing From the Poor

If you have ever asked yourself where the fish you eat comes from, you are about to learn first-hand about the huge pirate fishing industry that is committing a crime on your plate every day! The rising demand for fish in the international market has driven European and Asian fishing fleets toward the coast of West Africa.

Hundreds of industrial pirate ships are fishing illegally in the territorial waters of these African nations, devastating ocean life and condemning millions of Africans to poverty and hunger. In Senegal, pirate fishing by huge industrial vessels from developed countries is depriving the inhabitants of their main source of livelihood.

According to the United Nations International Food and Agricultural Organization, 75 percent of the international fish stocks are being overfished, are on the verge of collapse or have already disappeared.

In Greek with English subtitles. Directed and written by Yorgos Avgeropoulos. Produced by Georgia Anagnou. 
(Senegal, 2011, 55 min.)

Eric White will offer a welcome, and the film will be introduced by a representative of the Pew Environment Group. 

No reservations required.