Gerbil Diaries Continued....

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Gerbil Diaries Continued....

Pepa hones his craft

Pepa chewing on poetic inspirationDay 1: Valentine's Day has inspired me to take my writing in a new direction.  Trying my hand at poetry.  Finding this new rhyming dictionary particularly useful.

Day 2: Here’s the poem I composed for Salt:
Roses are red,
violets are blue.
It’s like sweet music to hear you chew.

He tells me it was delicious.

Day 3: The librarian says that I really have a knack for this writing thing.  She gave me a book called If Not for the Cat: Haiku.  I am down for anything which involves “not cats," so I took a peek.  She says that haiku poems don’t need to rhyme (srsly?!) but they must have a specific number of “silly bubbles.”

Day 4: I have been agonizing over my latest haiku. Silly bubbles aren’t as much fun to count as I thought, but I think I’ve finally got it right.
Aroused from slumber
Broad giggling grins await us
Time for Cheerios

Day 5: I told the librarian that I don’t really think that counting is what rodents do best.  I need a medium of expression that is more free form, less laden with arbitrary rules and restrictions.  She suggested that I check out this book called Howl.  I’m like, “Is this gonna be about dogs?!” She told me it wasn’t. I said, “What’s it about then?”  She said that she wasn’t exactly sure, but a lot of people think it sounds really cool. 

Day 6:  Okay, so I had to use a reference book called a "thesaurus" for this one (turns out a "thesaurus" is not a new kind of dinosaur, but a book that helps you substitute longer weirder words for stuff you're trying to say). The librarian was right. I do NOT know what it means. But it DOES sound cool.  
fur-drenched gerbils yearning for the instant savory salvation of
the unquenched appetite in the sanctum of glass

Day 7: I discovered this book called Hip Hop Speaks to Children. I think I've finally found my poetic niche. I want to be a rapper. I borrowed some lines from Missy Elliott here.  I hope she's not mad about that.  She seems like someone you wouldn't want to cross. Found this instrumental version of her song using the library's Freegal database, which is handy for practicing. Still working on my flow, but Salt says my rhyming is pretty tight.     

Yeah.. gimme some new snacks
Yeah.. gimme some new snacks
Pepa be puttin it down, I'm the cutest in town
I told y'all, y'all can't stop me now
Listen to me now, I'm gonna show you how
And if you want me, Kit-ty! Then come on get me now
Is you with me now? Then squeal and clap yo’ hands
I know you dig the way, I sw-sw-switch my tail
Now children gather round, now children jump around
Go, get your squeak on
Go, get your squeak on
Go, getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha squeak on

-Pepa (with assistance from E.P. and Missy Elliott)