Ana's Story

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Ana's Story

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Cover art of "Ana's Story"Ana's story is not all that different from thousands of girls all over the world.  A single teen mom, Ana is confronted with the daily challenge of survival as she struggles to provide for both herself and her young daughter.  However, she also has a powerful secret: Ana was born HIV positive.

Orphaned at a young age, Ana and her sister go to live with their grandmother.  However, the home is anything but comforting as her grandmother instills upon Ana a strong sense of shame regarding her HIV status.  Though Ana is confused and often alone, Ana's Story is a true tale of survival, based on author Jenna Bush's time spent abroad as an intern for UNICEF. Shrouded by secrets and a shame she doesn't understand, Ana overcomes multiple abuses and finally learns not only the truth about her illness, but also comes to understand her own strength.

Read by the author, Ana's Story is an excellent e-audiobook for teens and is a great introduction to HIV and AIDS awareness.

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-- Brooke Hadder