Fair Use Statement

Fair Use Statement

This copy is for review only. Please consult with staff to determine the correct permission to submit: 202-727-1213.

You can also access the original Word document.

All photo orders or onsite use of photographic equipment to reproduce images or archival documents from our collections under fair use require prior approval. The following uses constitute fair use. Please check your intended use for the photo listed on the attached list or photo order no.______ :

  • Personal display
  • Research
  • Student assignment
  • Government or business report not distributed beyond the business or agency
The following uses of images are NOT considered fair use:
  • Publication in a printed source, whether published commercially or privately by the author.
  • Commercial film or broadcast. • Personal, state agency, or commercial Webpage on the Internet, including electronic books or exhibitions
  • Electronic media such as, but not limited to, a CD or DVD for commercial distribution
  • Exhibition or on historic marker.

I understand that permission is granted under fair use for the purpose specified. Images may not be used in exhibitions, printed publications, broadcasts, film, electronic media, online, or in other ways that do not constitute fair use as defined in this document. I understand that a separate permission to publish for uses other than that specified in this document must be completed and approved by Washingtoniana staff.

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