"And Now, a Word From Our President…"

Petworth Library

"And Now, a Word From Our President…"

Petworth Library kids receive an Obama appreciation letter!

having our sayOn Jan. 16, we successfully hosted the fun and fancy Petworth Kids’ Inaugural Ball.

During this special family affair, our young people created a mural, entitled “Dear Mr. President” containing their thoughts and congratulations for our re-elected Leader of the Free the World. Upon the children’s request, we mailed a letter and some event photos along with the mural to the White House forthe President’s perusal.

Much to our delight, the President took time out of his busy schedule to write back to the students!

Stop by the Petworth Children’s Room any time to view the official White House letter and the autographed photo above. Then complete the cool, White House educational activity pages that accompanied them!