Biography of an Unknown Graffiti Artist

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Biography of an Unknown Graffiti Artist

New Book about Banksy

Banksy, The Man Behind the WallWhen Wall and Piece came out a few years ago, I did not know much about the graffiti artist Banksy, but I was intrigued. His work seemed both political and whimsical, witty and fun to look at. More recently, his movie Exit Through the Gift Shop opened my eyes to the world of urban graffiti artists and the lengths that they go to to create their pieces. Many who saw the movie may agree with me that they suspected that the whole movie may itself have been a hoax.

Now comes a new biography Banksy: The Man Behind the Wall. Though I have not yet read it, the New York Times review indicates that it gives more details to Banksy's past without actually revealing who he is. Sounds like a fun, if frustrating read. Come take a look at the book in Information Services (room 209) at MLK.

P.S. Here in D.C., we have some interesting graffiti artists at work. Diabetik's work always makes me chuckle: half-eaten Peeps and candy corn traffic cones!
-- David Quick