Story Time Reads Feb. 21

West End Library

Story Time Reads Feb. 21

Narrative Skills

Among the many skills we learn as children, I think by far this skill is the most entertaining. We have all been in the situation where somebody is telling us a story and the only thought in our head is "can you please be done, my beverage is empty."

Narrative Skills help us to tell our story, hopefully in an engaging way. Interesting stories have descriptions of things and events, sequencing and foreshadowing and/or help the listener/reader make predictions (what might happen next).

Why Is It Important?

  • Tell Me a Story, MamaIf a child can describe it, they are demonstrating they understand it.  
  • If a child can tell you what is happening in a book (character, plot, title, setting, point of view, theme), they are demonstrating they comprehend the story and not the individual words.
  • By mastering comprehension, they are motivating themselves to become readers.  (If they don't understand what they are reading, they won't care, which will prevent them from becoming confident and fluent readers.)

What Can You Do to Help Build This Skill?

  • Tell Me About Your Day TodayAsk open-ended questions that encourage conversations rather than yes/no or right/wrong answers.
  • Talk about your day and its series of events.
  • Mix up the events in a story; make it silly!
  • Guess what comes next—or come up with a different ending.
  • Read stories without words; they really help focus on this skill.
  • Name objects, feelings, and events.
Books We Read
This week we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.  There are many books available at the Library that can make the life and times of Abraham Lincoln accessible for children. By reading a book about historical events, the children were able to see cause and effect and develop a linear framework around the life of Abraham Lincoln.  We listened to a reading of the Gettysburg Address and for a little levity we read a story about a boy who looked like Lincoln. 
The Gettysburg AddressWhat Lincoln SaidThe Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln
The Gettysburg Address
by Abraham Lincoln
What Lincoln Said
by Sarah L. Thomson
The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln
by Mike Reiss

National Archives coloring book for the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation