Computer Basics for Job Seekers

Takoma Park Library

Computer Basics for Job Seekers

computerThe computer has become an essential part of the job application process and is a useful tool on the job, as well. Many employers are seeking computer literate candidates to hire in today's job market. In fact, many jobs can be done completely online! Do you know the ins and outs of operating this technology? Do you have all the skills needed to be considered computer literate?

More and more employers and companies prefer receiving job applications through their websites. In order to complete, it is necessary to have some basic background in computers.

Takoma Park Neighborhood Library is starting a new Computer Basics class on Mondays at 1 p.m., beginning March 4. This class is intended to assist people with basic computer skills, such as:
  • searching the Internet
  • setting up email accounts
  • using Microsoft Word
  • applying for jobs online
For those interested in learning something new about the computer, come on out! The class will be structured to allow plenty of time for questions, and it is not required that people come each week, so feel free to drop in as you are able.

If Monday's aren't good for you, check the Library calendar for classes and workshops held at other branches in the system. If the computer is the only thing standing between you and the job you want, come out for Computer Basics every Monday at 1 p.m.! 
--Megan Janicki