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Chickadee BookTransport yourself into a different time and place in Louise Erdrich’s latest novel, Chickadee. A continuation of the Birchbark House series, which follows an Ojibwe family’s life in 19th-century Minnesota. Fear not if you have not read the previous books, the story gives you enough background and details to be read on its own.

Twin brothers Chickadee and Makoons have spent their lives alongside each other near the Lake of the Woods until an unlikely turn of events. The brothers are separated and set off on parallel journeys in hopes of their reunification. Throughout his adventures, Chickadee is helped and encouraged by his bird namesake, who teaches him that small things have great power.

Erdrich uses descriptive details to portray the everyday life of hunting and gathering, building shelters, and celebrating the changing seasons as well as the boys’ escapades. Small pencil drawings scattered throughout the book make the story come alive. It is a touching, endearing survival story that exudes strength, love, creativity, and loyalty.  A great historical fiction read for ages 8 to 12.