A Good Reference Source: The World Book Encyclopedia

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A Good Reference Source: The World Book Encyclopedia

World Book Online

Sometimes your teacher assigns a project or report that requires more than one print resource. Have you ever thought about using an encyclopedia? Although DC Public Library has a variety and wealth of print resources, sometimes the material desired is not available or there may only be one print source available.

A great resource is The World Book Encyclopedia, which provides excellent information that is authoritative and current. During Black History Month, I was helping a young student with a report on Dr. Charles Drew. After finding a print source in the children's department at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, I suggested that we check The World Book 2011 edition, which can be checked out. I am glad we checked it, because it provided the student with correct and up-to-date information on Charles Drew, especially on the circumstances surrounding his death.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library has the current edition, The World Book Encyclopedia 2012, to use in-house, as well as The World Book Encyclopedia 2011 edition that can be checked out! And yes, DC Public Library does have the online version of World Book, which has a special search function for children. So the next time you are looking for another resource for a report or information, don’t forget The World Book Encyclopedia!