From Black History to Women's History

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From Black History to Women's History

Resources for Teens

Mare's WarAs Black History Month comes to end and Women's History Month begins, take some time to read about the combined histories of women and people of African descent. Here are a few book titles that may interest teens.

Mare's War by Tanita S. Davis. Historical fiction about teen sisters Octavia and Tali who learn about strength, independence, and courage when they are forced to take a car trip with their grandmother. On the road trip, their grandmother tells about growing up Black in 1940s Alabama and serving in Europe during World War II as a member of the Women's Army Corps.

Fire in the Streets by Kekla Magoon. Historical fiction set in Chicago 1968 in the aftermath of Dr. King's assassination. 14-year-old Maxie longs to join the Black Panthers and is soon caught up in the violence of anti-war and civil rights demonstrations. Though this novel is less focused on women's history, it features a young woman protagonist who gains strength and courage from some of the powerful Panther women in her neighborhood.

Gwendolyn Brooks: Poet from Chicago by Martha E. Rhynes. Nonfiction about Gwendolyn Brooks, an award-winning poet who was the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize.

Harriet Tubman: Secret Agent by Thomas Allen. Nonfiction about Harriet Tubman, slaves and free Blacks who spied for the Union during the Civil War.
-- Jamila Felton