Meet Teddy!

Mt. Pleasant Library

Meet Teddy!

A Mount Pleasant Library Volunteer

Photo of Teddy the dogPhoto of Teddy the doggie

Teddy is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library regularly.

Here are ten facts about Teddy, the snuggly doggie:
  1. He is a mutt -- a mix of rottweiler, chow chow, miniature pincer, beagle, and lab.
  2. He was adopted from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.
  3. He weighs 65 pounds.
  4. He has an artificial hip.
  5. He has a sister who is six and a brother who is one.
  6. He barks "Hello" to the birds and squirrels every morning.
  7. He loves to visit the library and spend time with children, books, and his favorite librarian.
  8. He likes to be petted on the back and rubbed on the chest.
  9. His favorite treats are Happy Hips jerky.
  10. He sleeps in a big bed with his owner.
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