Improvements at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Improvements at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

A number of improvements have been made at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. The work in the Great Hall and the old Business, Science and Technology room was part of an overall effort to continue to improve the first floor. 

Great Hall

Drawing of the Planned Great Hall Renovations
 The Circulation Desk and Info Desk in the Great Hall of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library were refurbished.

Other improvements include:
  • Lounge seating area in the Great Hall
  • Installation of permanent audiovisual equipment
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the lobby elevator available for public use?

No. The lobby elevator is no longer available for public use. The elevator was not designed to serve as a public elevator. The four elevators in the Great Hall are designed to carry large numbers of people to all public floors in the building.

How do I get to the A Level now that the lobby elevator is not available?
Customers going to the A Level should use the Great Hall elevators near the Popular Library. Or customers may use the stairwells near the Great Hall elevators.

What happened to the express computers that were in the Great Hall?
As part of the renovations to the first floor, all express computers were relocated to the new Digital Commons space.

New Digital Commons

Drawing of planned Digital CommonsDrawing of planned Digital Commons

The new Digital Commons space houses 70 public computers and other technology.

While it houses more than 70 computers, the Digital Commons is not just a computer lab: It offers computers loaded with software like the Adobe Creative Suite; access to tools like a 3-D printer and an Espresso book machine; and enhanced meeting rooms and gathering spaces aimed at encouraging creation and innovation.