Get Ready to Garden!

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

Get Ready to Garden!

Community Gardening Resources

Finally, winter is in its last throes and spring is marching towards the District! The cherry blossoms are predicted to be in peak bloom in just a few weeks and the likely date of the last frost is passing soon after. For gardeners that means it's time to start planning out our plots and giving our seeds a head start indoors.

Don't have a backyard? Check out one of D.C.'s community garden plots! Remember to reserve a plot early as space is often limited. Or, brush up on container gardening techniques to turn even the smallest spaces into edible green space.

Check in to the Bellevue Library for a little planting season inspiration!

Small Plot Big Harvest, a step by step guide to growing fruits and vegetables in small spacesYour Farm in the City: an urban dweller's guide to growing food and raising livestockThe Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible