Popular African-American Series for Teens

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Popular African-American Series for Teens

Doing My Own Thing book coverAre you over paranormal creatures of the night?

Is reading about a dark, dystopian future not your thing?

Maybe all you need is a book about the flirtations, friendships, fun . . . and drama of high school! If so, check out our popular African-American series for teens. Many of the titles are new to our shelves and some have been around for a while. Check them out!

The Break-Up Diaries -- Read about getting dumped on Facebook, rebounding with the help of your BFFs, and choosing the right guy with the right swag.

Denim Diaries -- Follow 16-year-old Denim Mitchell as she and other teens deal with the ups and downs of life, including dating, school, family, violence and teen pregnancy.

Fab Life -- Sunday Tolliver is fierce, fly and fabulous. Will she make it big as an R&B star? Will success as a singer-songwriter interfere with having a normal life of flirtations, friendship and college? Find out in this page-turning series.Patterson Heights book cover

Kimani TRU
 -- There are over 30 Kimani TRU books, which means there is definitely one perfect for you. The topics range from high school to college, from the urban to the suburban, and from the supernatural to real life. This diverse series is a favorite of teen readers.

Lockwood Lions -- The cheerleading squad and football team at Lockwood High may have the right moves and the best looks. But just like other teens, tough competition, drama and life's pressures get in the way. Check out the Lockwood Lions series! Each book has two novels - one about the cheerleaders and one about the ballers.
-- Jamila Felton